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Roasted Vegetable Salad

Serves 8

• 1 large kumara, cut in chunks
• 1 large beetroot, peeled, cut in chunks
• 2 large carrots, scrubbed, cut in
• 2 cups pumpkin, cut in chunks
• 3 cloves garlic
• 1 tbsp oil
• 1 orange, zest and juice
• 1 tbsp brown sugar
• 50g walnut pieces
• 3 cups baby spinach


• 1-2 tbsp runny honey
• ½ cup low-fat plain yoghurt
• 1 orange, ¼ cup juice and zest
Method 1. Preheat oven to 200°C. Place vegetables in roasting pan with garlic. Toss in oil. 2. Roast all vegetables except spinach for about 20 minutes or until nearly tender. Toss in orange zest, juice and brown sugar. Continue cooking until juice is evaporated and vegetables are completely cooked. While vegetables are roasting, place walnuts in a pan over a low heat and toast for about 10 minutes or until browned. 3. To make dressing, warm honey slightly in microwave. Add yoghurt, orange juice and zest. Mix well. Add more honey if you prefer a sweeter dressing. 4. In a large bowl or platter layer baby spinach then roasted vegetables. Toss though toasted walnuts and drizzle over dressing.

NOTE: to make this recipe low lactose or dairy free, replace yoghurt in dressing with olive oil. To make nut free, replace walnuts with toasted sunflower seeds.

Please download the PDF version of this recipe here.

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