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Wellbeing Journal

The Coeliac New Zealand Wellbeing Journal will support you in living a healthy life with coeliac disease as it allows you to reflect on a whole-person approach towards good health and wellbeing based on the four cornerstones to wellness; physical, spiritual, family, and mental health: Taha Tinana, Taha Wairua, Taha Whanau, Taha Hinengaro.

The Wellbeing Journal will help you stay on top of daily challenges by providing a toolbox of strategies,  through self-management, education, and exploring your own goals, motivations, and ambitions.

The journal is designed to

  • Provide some context to your emotional health and wellbeing
  • Can be a guide when we are lost or struggling with the diagnosis of coeliac disease
  • Focuses on teaching lifestyle changes, wherever you are on the coeliac journey
  • Provides practical knowledge and tips that can be implemented into daily life

The 40-page journal includes tips, step-by-step plans, healthy eating habits, recipes and space to reflect and guide you towards living your best life with coeliac disease.

Kath Eastwood (nee Fouhy), NZ Registered Dietitian, says “The wellbeing journal is great – I especially like how it is based on Te Whare Tapa Wha – this is such a great model to healthcare!  I also really like how the journal encourages and connects readers to other resources, e.g., YouTube videos/ webinars,, etc. The addition of the recipes helps break up all the information and would be useful for someone who is newly diagnosed.”

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