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Get gluten free trained and accredited with our Dining Out Programme


Eating away from home is one of the biggest challenges for people living with coeliac disease. While many New Zealand food businesses now offer gluten free (GF) options, our research has found that discrepancies in GF practices within the industry has resulted in GF customers not being able to trust a label alone.

Our Dining Out Programme (DOP) is a training and accreditation programme for the hospitality and catering industry to ensure GF food is produced and served safely for coeliac and GF diners. The DOP provides education, training and support for the catering industry on GF best practice. It also provides an extra level of assurance for the GF customer via an independent GF audit and trusted endorsement by CNZ. Being an accredited venue will provide reassurance to a huge market of NZ and international GF diners, because their condition has been taken seriously through the investment of providing safe, GF food.


Business Promotion
The business will be promoted through all CNZ marketing and communication mediums, including a listing on the accredited venue Dining Out Guide on our website
DOP certification trademark logo
Use of the DOP certification trademark logo and on all your business marketing material, menu and promotions including a window sticker for your
Customer loyalty
An increase of loyal gluten free customers and the people they bring with them – a competitive advantage over non-accredited businesses


CNZ support
You will receive ongoing support and updates from CNZ, to ensure that your customers continue to receive an assurance that your business is carrying out gluten free best practice.

For more information on the Dining Out Programme, including information on coeliac disease, the gluten free market and what is involved in becoming a GF accredited business, download our DOP info booklet or summary flowchart.

DOP Info Booklet DOP Info Booklet

DOP Summary Flowchart DOP Summary Flowchart


Contact us today to discuss registration: or 09 414 7467
Download the DOP Application Form

  • An agreed number of key staff must pass the DOP online training course. Key staff are referred to by CNZ as management, and those staff in the kitchen and front of house who hold positions of responsibility.
  • All staff members involved in the sourcing, preparation and service of GF food will require training, so they have knowledge about coeliac disease and why best practice is important, this can be either via the online training course or via your own internal training programme (internal training needs to be approved by CNZ).
  • Meet the standards in the Kitchen Safety Checklist and ensure GF best practice.
  • Pass an independent GF audit.
  • Pay an annual licence fee to CNZ.

"Providing safe food for residents is essential for their wellbeing and the success of their studies.  The programme has given us added confidence around managing safe gluten-free food service throughout our kitchens and dining halls." Victoria Halls of Residence

"HELL Grey Lynn is very proud to be accepted as a new member of the Dining Out Programme. We have long supported coeliacs through our gluten free procedures and it is great to be officially recognised for this.  Our team is looking forward to serving many more of the coeliac community with our certified unearthly delights!"  HELL Pizza Grey Lynn, Marty

"We need our staff to be able to provide correct info to our Coeliac customers so they can make accurate decisions regarding their meal. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing my staff have a good knowledge of what ingredients do and don't contain gluten.'" HELL Pizza Petone, Rob Lindsey

"Here at Charley Noble we take dietary requirements very seriously, as we expect all our guests to be able to enjoy the same dining experience at our site, this pilot is a great tool to enable us to do just that. It also encourages and educates our staff on how we can go the extra mile in serving all our guests adequately." Charley Noble, Helena Gill


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You asked. We listened. We delivered.

WE NOW NEED YOU to promote the DOP in your local community. If you want a restaurant, café, take away, hotel, caterer, school or rest home to provide gluten free best practice, we need you to tell them about it. Once their staff are trained and the business is an accredited DOP venue, CNZ can help promote them to increase their loyal GF customer base.

Either download this flyer or contact CNZ to have some mailed to you.


Give this flyer to your favourite GF venues



View a list of our DOP accredited venues here!



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healthy living

Coeliac New Zealand walks alongside you for every stage of your journey with coeliac disease. As part of the Coeliac New Zealand community, you’ll get support, advice, and assistance when you need it, while we work with health professionals, gluten free manufacturers, and researchers to raise awareness of coeliac disease in NZ. Together, we can reach the day when every person with coeliac disease gets diagnosed quickly, lives a healthy life, and has the prospect of a cure.


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