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Crossed Grain Logo

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The Crossed Grain logo is the symbol both nationally and internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten free diet. The logo gives consumers a quick reference point when shopping and faced with uncertainty on the genuine gluten free status of a product.

All products displaying this logo have been reviewed and approved by Coeliac New Zealand as part of our certification programme and are suitable for a gluten free diet. We ask that you support these manufacturers by purchasing products carrying this logo whenever possible.

The Crossed Grain logo is a certified trademark owned by Coeliac New Zealand for the certification of products produced and licensed in New Zealand, and sold in New Zealand and Australia. For a full list of licensed manufacturers and products carrying the Crossed Grain Logo, please view our Shopping Guide here.


Crossed Grain Products are:

Gluten free
In New Zealand, gluten free products are tested to have no detectable gluten according to the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand) guidelines.
Subject to laboratory testing
Every 12 months, including random audit testing to ensure the continued safety of the product for people with coeliac disease.
Supporting those with coeliac disease
Those following a gluten free diet are supported by the provision of safe, easy options to eat with over 300 gluten free products accredited by Coeliac NZ. Products displaying the Crossed Grain Logo can be found in supermarkets, specialty shops and online can be seen in the shopping guide. Please support these manufacturers by purchasing products carrying the CGL.

Crossed Grain Products - Overseas

In other parts of the world, a gluten free logo may be used on products tested under the international CODEX standards for gluten free food. This means they have been tested to have gluten levels of less than 20 parts per million. Products which only qualify under the CODEX standard can NOT carry the wording ‘gluten free’ in NZ. Always check the nutritional information panel on imported gluten free products.   Codex standard The Codex standard for gluten is decided by an international body called the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It is the level that the law on gluten-free is based upon.


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Supporting Gluten Free Foods


Register of Licensees


All gluten free foods displaying the Crossed Grain logo have been reviewed and approved under our certification programme. These manufacturers are supporting both CNZ and those who need to follow a gluten free diet, so please support them by purchasing crossed grain products. The Crossed Grain logo is a certified trademark owned by Coeliac New Zealand for the certification of products produced and licensed in NZ, and sold in NZ and Australia.

The use of the Crossed Grain Logo is operated via a licence agreement, renewable on an annual basis. The annual licence fee for the use of the logo varies according to the total gross annual sales turnover of the gluten free products which are to be certified.

So many delicious gluten free foods carry the Crossed Grain logo, making it easy for you to find gluten free bread, gluten free flour, gluten free pasta, gluten free biscuits, or anything else your taste buds desire! All the products in our Crossed Grain Logo Licensees Shopping Guide are certified gluten free and are licensed to use the Crossed Grain logo so you know you can trust them.

For more information please contact Sales and Marketing by emailing or phone 09 414 7467



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