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Health Promotion at Coeliac New Zealand is about supporting those with coeliac disease to live healthier lives and be coeliac safe. Our work includes leading and delivering innovative and high-quality health promotion programs, resources, and campaigns to help navigate the journey of coeliac disease. We work with partners including our board, medical professionals through our medical advisory panel, researchers and academics, Māori, Pacific and Asian health providers, food industry groups, volunteers throughout N.Z., and others who are aligned to our goals.

Our new toolkits are to support those with coeliac disease to advocate for yourself with early childhood education, schools, and workplaces to raise awareness and educate others on how it impacts you and your whanau in your everyday life. The toolkits cover topics like; getting informed, food & nutrition policy, preparing for camp, smart label reading, how to prevent cross-contamination, managing coeliac in the corporate world, and much more.

The Coeliac NZ Medical Advisory Panel has prepared a dietitian standard of care for adults newly diagnosed with coeliac disease and a ‘new patient checklist’ for dietitians supporting adult clients who have been newly diagnosed with coeliac disease. If you are a dietitian or health care professional and would like a copy of these resources, please contact Lisa Jury, Health Promotion Manager for a copy. Email:

Living Coeliac Safe Toolkits
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Coeliac New Zealand is available throughout your journey. As part of our community, you’ll get support, advice, and assistance. We work with health professionals, manufacturers, and researchers to raise awareness of coeliac disease in NZ.

Together, we can reach a day when every person with coeliac disease gets diagnosed quickly, lives a healthy life, and has the prospect of a cure.



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