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Coeliac New Zealand Incorporated

Coeliac New Zealand Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation that formed as an incorporated society in 1973 to promote the welfare of children and adults who have been medically diagnosed with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. We are a registered charity listed with the New Zealand Charities Commission.

OUR VISION: People with Coeliac Disease live healthy lives every day


  • Coeliac New Zealand Incorporated (CNZ) is a relevant accessible organisation, that raises awareness, provides support, information and resources to people who must follow a gluten free diet, their whanau and the wider community.
  • CNZ supports research, education, and initiatives for those working in the health sector to aid diagnosis and treatment of coeliac disease.
  • CNZ is an agent for change to support our vision.

Our objectives are to:

  • Five goals in our current strategic plan reflected our continued priorities are:
    • Advocacy and Awareness
    • Effective Service Delivery
    • Education
    • Support Research and Initiatives
    • Organisational Sustainability
  • View the current 3-year Strategic Plan

Charities Commission registration number: CC27810

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