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Eating gluten free foods can be expensive. But for those with coeliac disease, being on a strictly gluten free diet is the only way to improve and maintain their health. To aid those with coeliac disease in living gluten free, Pharmac offers part-funding for some gluten free foods.

The part-subsidy, which is available by prescription only, covers the part-funding of gluten free foods such as gluten free flour, gluten free pasta, and gluten free bread mix or baking mix. The aim is to make gluten free foods more affordable. The Pharmac part-subsidy is available to:


South Island or Hutt Valley DHB area
Following recent changes to the availability of gluten-free products in the South Island, contact Unichem Ilam Healthworks Pharmacy to discuss fulfillment of your prescription.
North Island

(excluding the Hutt Valley DHB area), the prescription isn’t always cost effective. Careful consideration should be taken in deciding whether or not it is worth getting the prescription or not – looking at the cost of the GP’s prescription charge, possible pharmacy charges, and the cost of the products.

Unfortunately, Pharmac no longer makes changes to the subsidy amount on existing foods, which means that as prices increase, using a prescription for these gluten free foods may eventually become less viable.


You will need a Special Authority Number (SAN) to receive the part-subsidy, which can applied for with consultation from a GP, specialist, or dietitian. More information about this process can be found on the Ministry of Health website or download the application form here.

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NORTH ISLAND: Your doctor can provide you with a Special Authority Number and a prescription for up to 3 months supply of a specific range of gluten free products such as gluten free flour/bread mix and pasta. This can be taken to your local pharmacy to fulfill.

SOUTH ISLAND & LOWER HUTT: Complete the ‘Coeliac prescription’ form from Crombie & Price’s website before taking it to your health professional to authorise specialist. You will receive a pro-forma invoice with the part-cost payable and products can be delivered to the patient, freight-free.

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