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Coeliac disease is on the increase, but exclusion is still a very real experience for Kiwis living with the condition, according to Coeliac NZ.

Due to the serious nature of the autoimmune condition, managing coeliac disease is a significant undertaking with the necessity to avoid cross-contamination of gluten. coeliac disease needs to be managed at home, at work, when eating out and even at school too as 25% of coeliac cases are diagnosed in children.

“Unfortunately, catering for people with coeliac disease often falls into the ‘too hard basket’, leading to exclusion in social situations, workplaces, hospitality, and schools,” says Coeliac NZ general manager Wendy Bremner.

Coeliac disease is when gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats, causes inflammation and gut damage. Left undiagnosed, coeliac disease can cause serious long-term health problems. A strict life-long gluten-free diet is the only treatment.

“Eating gluten, even in the most minute amount like a bread crumb, can have serious consequences for someone living with coeliac disease,” Mrs. Bremmer says.

Coeliac New Zealand are the voice for coeliac disease in NZ and is here to support those with coeliac disease and their whanau. When you become a member you receive advice throughout your coeliac journey. As part of the CNZ community, you’ll gain valuable advice and assistance when you need it. Your subscriptions also help provide the resources needed to work with health professionals, gluten free manufacturers, and researchers to advocate and raise awareness of coeliac disease in NZ.

You also receive:

  • New members are provided with a welcome pack containing information on the condition, the gluten free diet, where to shop, recipes and helpful advice to make the change from gluten to gluten-free as easy as possible.
  • A conferences once every two years
  • A dedicated Coeliac Link magazine with informative articles and contributions from experts and ambassadors as well as lived experience stories from members published twice a year
  • Regular messaging to members
  • An informative website
  • A gluten free food safety training certificate
  • A dining out accreditation programme for safe gluten free dining
  • Works with manufacturers of gluten free food to licence the Crossed Grain Logo, gluten free accreditation on food to build trust and credibility
  • Seeks opportunities to partner with industry to improve the availability and convenience of GF products and a range of inspirational recipes from food ambassadors.
  • Coordinates coeliac awareness week, a weeklong range of consumer and hospitality industry events and media engagement
  • Health promotion programmes and toolkits
  • Resources you can purchase including a wellbeing journal

Visit for more information about coeliac disease and Coeliac NZ membership options.

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