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Saturday 18th November

Registrations for early bird tickets are now open. You won’t want to miss our Conference at the Due Drop Centre (formerly Vodafone events centre) in Manukau City on Saturday 18th November. The conference will provide members and the wider coeliac community with the opportunity to attend an engaging and informative in-person event. Our theme this year – Living Coeliac Safe – challenges and successes will be well supported by our speakers bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience. A range of topics will be covered in an informative full day of presentations ranging from diagnosis, and the GF diet to psychology and wellbeing.

For the first time, your Conference ticket will allow you free entry into the Gluten Free Food Festival which is being run conjointly on-site. Tickets to the Conference will receive free and exclusive entry into the Gluten Free Food Festival an hour before the general conference starts from 9.00am until 10am and then again during the lunch break. Register now and secure your spot at both events. 

Being able to talk to someone in your local community to get support and share knowledge and experience of living with coeliac disease can make an enormous difference to people with coeliac disease and their families. That is why this year attendees will in addition to the wealth of knowledge of expert speakers and Medical Advisory Panel mentioned above, also have a variety of ways to engage and meet other attendees and participate in stimulating panel discussions with our board members who all have lived experience of coeliac disease.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to expand your knowledge and make new connections, enjoy a GF lunch and take home a goodie bag of gluten-free products together valued at over *$75. 

If you are coming from out of town, we suggest you arrive the night before to ensure you are well-rested and ready for a great conference day. We have secured some great accommodation rates at Sebel.

ADULT early bird main conference tickets $75.00 ($95 full-price tickets available after the 18th of September)


FULL DAY TICKET (including medical breakfast seminar) - suitable for health professionals $135.00

Booking fees may apply



Hear from Coeliac New Zealand Honorary Patron Dr. Simon Chin, why it is so important that you attend this year's Conference. 

Cancellation Policy

  • You may send a substitute delegate in your place for the entirety of the event at no extra charge as long as you advise Coeliac NZ of the delegate’s name.
  • Confirm your cancellation by email at least 60 days before the event to be considered for a refund (minus a 20% + GST service charge per registrant).
  • Regrettably, no refunds can be made for cancellations received after 17th October 2023.
  • COVID-19:  If the event was affected due to restrictions on mass gatherings in response to COVID-19 at any particular time or region, we may be required to run the conference as an online-only or postponed event.  By registering for this event, you acknowledge and accept this possibility and accept that this is not a valid ground for requesting a refund.  *You will be emailed a registration link if the Conference is moved to an online-only event.



Associate Professor Jason Tye-Din

A/Professor Jason Tye-Din is a gastroenterologist and coeliac disease researcher. He heads the Coeliac Research Laboratory in the Immunology Division of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and runs a specialist coeliac clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. His research examines gluten immunity in patients after food challenges and his focus is on using this information to improve the diagnosis, management and treatment of coeliac disease. He works closely with academic and industry partners on novel therapeutic development for coeliac disease.

Jason and Bob will present:  "A fireside chat: coeliac disease in 2023 and beyond"

In this session, two experienced gastroenterologists and coeliac specialists discuss their research and the latest global findings. They will cover emerging approaches to coeliac disease diagnosis and treatment, the future of the gluten-free diet, the growing clinical trial scene, and how these new discoveries may impact the lives of people with coeliac disease in the future. Dr. Bob Anderson is the President of the International Society for the Study of Celiac Disease and Chairs the Medical Advisory Committee of Coeliac Australia; Dr. Jason Tye-Din Heads the Coeliac Research Lab at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute focuses on developing new diagnostics and treatments and runs a Coeliac Clinic managing challenging cases of coeliac disease.


Professor Bob Anderson

Professor Bob Anderson graduated in medicine and has a doctorate from the University of Otago. His specialist training in internal medicine and gastroenterology was at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. Dr. Anderson’s subsequent post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford focused on understanding the molecular basis for immune recognition of gluten in coeliac disease. He returned to Melbourne in 2002 and was a Laboratory Head at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

He worked closely with Coeliac Australia and Coeliac New Zealand to raise public and health professional awareness for coeliac disease. Dr Anderson relocated to the United States in 2012 as Chief Scientific Officer of ImmusanT to continue his involvement in the development of Nexvax2 and advance similar peptide-based immunotherapies for other autoimmune diseases.


Dr. Kamran Rostami

Dr. Kamran Rostami is a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist. Dr. Rostami's postgraduate journey started with defining the seronegative subgroup with a Ph.D. in coeliac disease from the University of Amsterdam. He worked as a consultant Gastroenterologist in the UK and recently joined the Gastroenterology Unit at Palmerston North. He has presented in numerous national and international Gastroenterology conferences, coordinated a number of multicenter studies, and has published over 100 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. He serves as the deputy and associate editor for a number of Gastroenterology journals.

Kamran and Adele will present: " Management of Non- responsive coeliac disease"

Non-responsive coeliac disease is defined as persistent symptoms, signs, and laboratory abnormalities including serology, micronutrient deficiencies or persistent/deterioration of histological changes typical of coeliac disease, despite at least 6 to 12 months of presumed adherence to a GFD. In this session, we discuss a range of differential diagnosis and potential therapeutic interventions appropriate to the etiology of non-responsiveness


Tania Clifton-Smith

Tania Clifton-Smith is a New Zealand physiotherapist who has 30 years experience in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome and physiotherapy. She co-foundered Breathing Works clinics in 1998: the clinics have treated over 30,000 individuals with breathing dysfunction. Established the BradCliff Breathing Method in 2008 a physiotherapy treatment programme for breathing dysfunction.

Published works on breathing dysfunction include:




Dr Karen Faisandier

Dr Karen Faisandier (DClinPsych) is a clinical psychologist and founder of The Integrative Practice; a holistic psychology service she has run in Wellington, New Zealand, since 2016. Dr Karen’s innovative service integrates psychological, nutritional and lifestyle strategies into a practical recovery framework for adults experiencing mental health concerns resulting from chronic stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

The topic of her presentation will be Out of the Fog - Coeliac Disease - Your Brain, Food, and Mood

Mental health concerns like anxiety and depression affect approximately half the population at some point in their lifetime, however, there are additional mental health challenges for those living with coeliac disease (CD). Psychological (and neurological) symptoms are common but often unrecognised symptoms of CD which may be alleviated by a gluten free (GF) diet for some. For others, some symptoms remain even when they are “gluten-free” and others are triggered at times of “being glutened.” Malabsorption of nutrients, inflammation, and dietary gaps while on the GF diet are three potential factors alongside psychological aspects of responding to the need to avoid gluten in a gluten-dominant world. This talk will walk through gut-brain interventions for optimal mental health with a focus on CD.


Professor Andrew Day

Academic Paediatric Gastroenterologist based in Christchurch. After a period of training in Toronto, Canada, he took up a position at Sydney Children's Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Returning to NZ in 2009, has a busy clinical role in Christchurch, and provides outreach Paediatric Gastroenterology services around the rest of the South Island.

He has strong clinical and research interests in coeliac disease as well as other gut disorders. Andrew’s ongoing research activities are supported by Cure Kids.



Sylvia North (Registered Dietitian)

Sylvia is an NZ Registered Dietitian, a lecturer at AUT and PhD candidate. Having been primarily clinically based in private practice over the previous five years she works closely with patients with complicated digestive issues. Seeing first-hand the changes that whole-food nutrition and lifestyle-based strategies can have on many aspects of health, she is a keen advocate for helping patients get to the bottom of longstanding digestive and inflammatory issues.

Sylvia will present at the Medical Breakfast Seminar on: Dietetic considerations for the gluten-free diet – exploring specific nutritional considerations and challenges for individuals following the gluten-free diet – from the newly diagnosed to the experienced.


Dr. Jonathon Bishop

Jonathan completed undergraduate and postgraduate paediatric gastroenterology training in the UK before undertaking a six-month Fellow post in Starship Children’s Hospital in 2007. He returned to the UK to work as a consultant post in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow between 2008 and 2011 before the lure of the Southern hemisphere proved too strong and he returned to Starship as a Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist. His professional interests include coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel disease and cystic fibrosis liver disease.

Jonathan will present at the Medical Breakfast Seminar on: Monitoring and follow-up after a diagnosis.


Adele Rostami (Registered Dietitian)

Adele is a registered NZ dietitian with over 24 years of advanced training and experience in various specialist areas of nutrition therapy (including gastroenterology, paediatrics, diabetes, bariatric surgery, disordered eating and oncology), mostly in the NHS, UK and the last four years in NZ.  She is currently working as a specialist dietitian for Digestive Health Clinic, which includes a dedicated national non-responsive coeliac disease specialist service. She helped develop the Standards of Care for Dietitians for Coeliac NZ and the Coeliac NZ Dietary information booklet. Alongside this, she delivers education courses for the MHT Diabetes Trust and is a passionate, trauma-trained volunteer for MentorEd; a charity who supports children who have experienced Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’s). With her MentorEd hat on, she has developed and deliver weekly cooking classes for children with various needs, in low decile schools.

Adele will present at the main conference on: Non-responsive coeliac disease from a dietitian’s perspective.




8.30-9.00 am Registration for medical session

9.00-10.00 am Registration for the main session (Conference ticket holders have exclusive access to the Gluten Free Food Festival)

MEDICAL PLENARY SESSION (available as a separate ticketed entry for dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, and other health professionals)

9.00- 10.00 am

  • Coeliac disease: looking beyond the obvious to identify and diagnose - Professor Andrew Day
  • Monitoring and follow-up after a diagnosis –  Dr. Jonathon Bishop
  • Dietetic considerations for the gluten-free diet – exploring specific nutritional considerations and challenges for individuals following the gluten-free diet – from the newly diagnosed to the experienced - New Zealand Registered Dietitian, Sylvia North
  • Q&A - your questions answered


9.55 am
Opening address (mihi, karakia and Waiata)

10:10 - 11:45 am
Management of Non- responsive coeliac disease from a Gastroenterologist perspective. Dr. Kamran Rostami

10:50 - 11:30 am
How to take a breath. Tania Clifton-Smith

11:35 - 11:40 am
Coeliac NZ Medical Advisory Panel Presentation and Q&A session.

  • Coeliac Disease and its impact on you and your family- non-dietary therapy overview. Professor Andrew Day and Dr Jonathan Bishop
  • Fuelling your body with CD (adolescent athletes). New Zealand Registered Dietitian, Sylvia North
  • your questions answered

12:35 - 1:35 pm
LUNCH SERVED (attendees encouraged to visit the Gluten Free Food Festival)

1.40 - 2:20 pm
Coeliac Disease - Your Brain, Food, and Mood – Dr Karen Faisandier

2.25 - 3.20 pm
International research and coeliac disease diagnosis – Dr Bob Anderson and Dr Jason Tye-Din

3:25 - 3:55 pm
Non-responsive coeliac disease from a dietitian’s perspective.  Registered Dietitian Adele Rostami

4.00 - 4.25 pm
The lived experience of coeliac disease.  A panel discussion with the Coeliac NZ Board

Closing karakia

4.30 pm

If you would like to advertise at the conference there are still opportunities available. Please use the contact form to request a Coeliac NZ Conference 2023 sponsorship pack.


About Coeliac New Zealand


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Coeliac New Zealand is available throughout your journey. As part of our community, you’ll get support, advice, and assistance. We work with health professionals, manufacturers, and researchers to raise awareness of coeliac disease in NZ.

Together, we can reach a day when every person with coeliac disease gets diagnosed quickly, lives a healthy life, and has the prospect of a cure.

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