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Welcome to Suzanne Aitken


Coeliac New Zealand is dedicated to supporting education and improving understanding of coeliac disease.  We developed a Health Promotion plan 3 years ago and our current Health Promotion Manager Lisa Jury has developed various resources to support people with coeliac disease and their whanau. To increase our resources in this area we have established a part-time role of Dietary Education Manager for 12 months.

We are delighted to welcome and introduce Suzanne Aitken to you all.

Suzanne will work with Lisa to

  • Educate individuals and communities about coeliac disease and the need for a gluten-free diet.
  • Educate hospitality and training organisations about providing gluten-free food safely.
  • Work with our team of volunteers around NZ to increase the support available to people with coeliac disease and amplify the voice of New Zealanders with lived experience of coeliac disease.

Suzanne has come to Coeliac NZ after 15 years in Primary Health Care.  A dietitian by profession, she spent her early clinical years in the Manawatu supporting patients with long-term conditions through dietary interventions.  Working within general practice, Suzanne gained experience in a wide range of conditions and worked closely with other allied health professionals to provide a holistic package of care for patients.   Working as the clinical lead enabled a strategic oversight of the primary health setting, whilst keeping her passion for supporting allied health professionals to play a key role in the provision of healthcare.

Suzanne took up the role of Clinical Manager in Taupo over two years ago, growing her team of health professionals and building relationships with general practice, iwi partners and other community providers.  She is passionate about ensuring the patient is at the centre of their health journey and is excited to work with the Coeliac NZ team to help support their mahi in promoting and educating the community and providers about this condition.


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