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Reading Food Labels – staying vigilant.


Everyone should have a good understanding of what is written on a food label – and what it means – the nutrition information panel, the ingredients list, best before, use by etc.  If you are feeling at all overwhelmed with how to read the labels on your food – please visit our website for more information, here or check out our YouTube webinar on the topic.

It is also important to remember that manufacturers can (and do) often change their labels due to a variety of reasons - manufacturing changes, legislative requirements, or ingredient changes.  This can often mean a gluten free product that you have previously purchased has removed, added, or altered a statement or changed the wording on its labels – therefore making your purchasing decisions a bit tougher.   If in doubt – contact the manufacturer directly to ask about any changes or differences that you have noticed.  We recommend that you regularly check the labels on your food products (even your regular purchases) to ensure they are still meeting your requirements and are safe for the family to consume.

Coeliac NZ endeavours to share any and all information they receive about any changes to food labels but we highly recommend consumers become expert label readers to ensure they recognise any changes in the products they consume.

Article provided by Coeliac NZ Dietary Education Manager, Suzanne Aitken.

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