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Snacks / Bars / Confectionery


Chips Cheese and Onion
Chips Chicken
Chips Ready Salted

Ceres Organics

Coconut Smiles Hot & Salty
Coconut Smiles Simply Toasted
Coconut Smiles Sweet & Salty
Rice Bites Sea Salt
Rice Bites Seaweed & Green Tea
Rice Bites Sour Cream & Chives
Roasted Seaweed Snack
Seaweed Snacks Teriyaki

Fantastic Snacks

Goodies Pumpkin, Flax and Sesame
Goodies Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet and Amaranth
Goodies Seaweed, Chia & Peptas
Wafer Thin Rice Crackers - Original

Golden Days

Apricot Delight & Bites
Cranberry Bites
Fruit Poles (Apple, Pear & Strawberry)
Fruit Salad Bites
Nude Food – Almonds Coated with Acai
Nude Food – Almonds Coated with Cacao
Nude Food – Cashew Coated with Goji
Nude Food – Cashew Coated with Maca
Nude Food Ball – Almond, Cacao & Mint
Nude Food Ball – Almond, Coconut & Cacao
Nude Food Ball – Hazelnut, Cacao & Orange
Nude Food Bar – Cacao and Hazelnut
Nude Food Bar – Coconut and Almond
Paleo Bar – Almond Biscotti
Paleo Bar – Epic Cacao
Paleo Bar – Lemon & Coconut Tart
Paleo Bar – Orange & Poppy
Paleo Bar – Peppermint Crunch
Pineapple, Mango and Pear Delight
Seed Bars with Quinoa – Apricot & Coconut
Seed Bars with Quinoa – Cranberry
Seed Bars with Quinoa – Original
Sesame Snaps Dark Chocolate
Sesame Snaps Original / Super Snaps
Yoghurt Sesame Snaps

Hello Raw

Banana & Cashew Bites
Raspberry & Coconut Bites
Raspberry & Coconut Sprouted Bar
Superfood Bites
Superfoods Sprouted Bar
Vanilla & Fig Sprouted Bar
Vanilla & Fig Granola


Baked Fruit Filled Bars – Apple Flavour
Baked Fruit Filled Bars – Strawberry Flavour
Baked Fruit Filled Bars – Tripleberry Flavour
Bars - Banana
Rum Balls

Mrs Higgins

Cashew & Cranberry Bliss Bites
Choc Hit Bliss Bites

Naturally Good

Carob Coated Banana
Carob Coated Crystallised Ginger

Nature Valley

Protein Peanut & Chocolate Protein Bar
Nature Valley Salted Caramel Nut Protein Bar


Puff-Os Cheesy Tubes
Puff-Os Cheesy Twists
Puff-Os Chicken Twists


Healtheries Kidscare Rice Wheels (Burger, Roast Chicken, Sour Cream & Chives)

Thomas Chipman

Ancient Grain Corn Chips
Beetroot Chips
Blue Corn with Quinoa
Cheese Corn Chips
Corn Chips with Carrot
Cracked Pepper Potato Chips
Low Salt Corn Chips
Low Salt Original Potato Chips
Mixed Root Chips
Parsnip Chips
Rosemary Thyme Potato Chips
Sweet Chilli Salsa
Sweet Potato Chips


Savory Snack Mix

Pop fiction

Lightly Sea Salted Popcorn 13g & 120g

A-Bit-O-Butter! Popcorn 13g & 120g

A Touch of Cheddar Cheese Popcorn 13g & 120g

Little Salty Little Sweet Popcorn 13g & 120g

A Splash of Seasalt & BalsamicPopcorn 13g & 120g

A Pinch of Peri Peri Popcorn 13g & 120g

Corn Chips 500g

The Wholesome Food Company

Corn Chips Cheese
Corn Chips Chilli
Corn Chips Lightly Salted
Falafel Chips - NEW
Falafel Chilli Chips - NEW
Hommus Chips - NEW
Lentil Twists Harissa - NEW
Quinoa Straws Wasabi - NEW

Cauliflower Cheese Corn Chips - NEW
Mushroom Garlic Parmesan Corn Chips – NEW
Protein Chips Jalapeno - NEW
Protein Chips Apple Cinnamon - NEW
Crinkle Cut Chilli (coming soon)
Crinkle Cut Original (coming soon)
Crinkle Cut Cheese (coming soon)

Tyrell's Potato Chips

Lightly Salted

Cheddar & Chives

Korma (coming soon)

Tomato Salsa (coming soon)

Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar - NEW

Worchestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato - NEW

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