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Black toastabags (twin pack)


No need to grill that cheese sandwich in the oven in order to avoid being "glutened" – now you can simply pop it in the toaster thanks to these toaster bags. You can use each bag up to 300 times!


  1. Just make a sandwich and put it in the bag then in the toaster - great toasted sandwiches in minutes - Quick, clean and convenient - And tough enough to be used over and over again. Just wipe clean ready for next time. You can even put them over the plate prongs in your dishwasher!
  2. Healthy - No added fats required. No need to butter the inside
  3. Safe - The material that the toastabag is made from complies with F.D.A. Regulations and is U.S.D.A. approved for food contact applications
  4. Reusable - toastabags balck can be used up to 300 times!
  5. Non-stick 
  6. Withstands temperatures up to 260 degrees
  7. Recipe sheet included

It is recommended you use a 4 slice variable width toaster as not all 2-slice toasters accommodate the bags (slot length required is 14.8cm)


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