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It’s that time of year, again, when many families are thinking of school uniforms, stationery, bus rides, after-school care, and children being able to socially connect with friends again and meet their new teachers.

It is also when parents of a coeliac child are wondering if their child’s new teacher knows what coeliac disease is and understands what this means for your child and how it impacts life at school for them.

Will the teacher know or educate other children about coeliac disease and tips for keeping their friends safe?  Will the teacher know the signs of a child who has been glutened and allow them to use the toilet anytime in the middle of class?  Will they be caring when this happens?

The reality is that a new teacher and classmates are unlikely to know about coeliac disease unless you or your child educate them.

It is all of our responsibility to raise awareness so our school community has more understanding and can differentiate learning, so your child does not feel left out.

If you would like a copy of a Back-to-School Letter for your new teacher and a copy of the ‘’Living Coeliac Safe Toolkit’” for schools in pdf form, contact our Health Promotion Manager – Lisa Jury

Our ‘Living Coeliac Safe Toolkit’ resource includes information that you can share with the homeroom and food technology teacher, class or tuck shop manager or school nurse to educate them about what is coeliac disease, understanding the gluten-free diet and tips for food preparation and how to prevent cross-contamination.

If you are not already a member JOIN TODAY and find out about our local Coeliac NZ Kids Club.

If you have joined Coeliac New Zealand and would like to know about kids clubs in your local area or would like to volunteer to start one email:

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