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Annual Conference


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Saturday 15th June 2019, Grand Mercure, Wellington (SOLD OUT)

We have confirmed an exciting line up of speakers that you won't want to miss! Hear about the latest research, an update on the Nexvax2 clinical trials and learn tips and tricks to enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle.

Be informed and inspired about living well gluten free, at Coeliac NZ's conference and 45th AGM. This event is open to everyone who's interested. Entry to the conference (featuring guest speakers in the food and medical industry) includes a (GF) buffet lunch and afternoon tea, plus a goodie bag filled with GF products!

Accommodation and transport

The Grand Mercure is located in Wellington's CBD and approximately 15 minutes from Wellington Airport. Parking, taxis and buses are also readily available. There are plenty of accommodation options available within walking distance of the Grand Mercure.

Make a weekend of it - Wellington is a great city to spend time in!


Dr. Andrew Day

Academic Paediatric Gastroenterologist based in Christchurch. After a period of training in Toronto, Canada, he took up a position at Sydney Children's Hospital, Sydney, Australia.

Returning to NZ in 2009, has a busy clinical role in Christchurch, and provides outreach Paediatric Gastroenterology services around the rest of the South Island.

He has strong clinical and research interests in coeliac disease as well as other gut disorders. Andrew’s ongoing research activities are supported by Cure Kids.

Anna Richards

Anna Richards is one of New Zealand’s best known dietitians, with a background in hospital and community Dietetics and been in Private Practise since 1997. Anna is well known for her specialist work in Allergy and Intolerance in both children and adults.

She works closely with Auckland’s key Allergy Specialists to care for clients all over the country and is a member of a number of boards and medical panels both nationally and internationally. Her specialist areas of practice include allergy and Intolerance, Paediatrics, Family Gastroenterology – IBS, FODMAPs, Coeliac, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, PCOS, and Endometriosis.

Dr. Kamran Rostami

Dr. Rostami’s postgraduate journey started with defining the seronegative subgroup with a PhD in coeliac disease from University of Amsterdam. He worked as a consultant Gastroenterologist in the UK and recently joined the Gastroenterology Unit at Palmerston North.

He has presented in numerous national and international Gastroenterology conferences, coordinated a number of multicenter studies and has published over 100 research papers in peer reviewed journals. He serves as the deputy and associate editor for a number of Gastroenterology journals.

Dr. Maggie Ow

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Maggie Ow will be presenting with Anna Richards. They recently reported on the impact of monitoring dietary adherence and disease activity in coeliac disease and whether long term monitoring of coeliac disease has any impact on adherence to a gluten free diet, nutritional status, histological remission and long term health outcomes.

Dr. Ow’s current appointments include her role as a gastroenterologist at the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, NZ. She is also a senior lecturer in the department of medicine at the university of Auckland, NZ. Her post fellowship training included being a Research Fellow, South West Liver Unit, UK (2011-2014) and an MD on immunology of hepatitis C (2011-2014).

Sylvia North

Sylvia is a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist from New Zealand. With a love for all things health and wellness, Sylvia's approach builds on the core foundation of using real food and real life strategies.

Understanding all bodies are very complicated and unique, she as a special interest in working through an individualised approach to food and life style. Sylvia specialises in addressing digestive problems and food intolerances, inflammatory conditions, hormonal problems, weight loss resistance and poor energy levels.

Dr. Bob Anderson

Dr. Anderson graduated in medicine and has a doctorate from the University of Otago. His specialist training in internal medicine and gastroenterology was at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. Dr. Anderson’s subsequent post-doctoral research at the University of Oxford focused on understanding the molecular basis for immune recognition of gluten in coeliac disease. He returned to Melbourne in 2002 and was a Laboratory Head at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

He worked closely with Coeliac Australia and Coeliac New Zealand to raise public and health professional awareness for coeliac disease. Dr Anderson relocated to the United States in 2012 as Chief Scientific Officer of ImmusanT to continue his involvement in the development of Nexvax2 and advance similar peptide-based immunotherapies for other autoimmune diseases.


08:30 am Registration (tea and coffee)
08:45 am CNZ Annual General Meeting
09:30 am Morning Tea
10:00 am Open Remarks Dana Alexander
10:15 am Dr. Andrew Day
11:05 am Dr. Kamran Rostami
12:00 noon  Lunch (seating Group One)
12:45pm Lunch (seating Group Two)
01:15 pm Dr Bob Anderson
02:00 pm Kevin Gilbert (President of the Bakers Association and owner Gilbert Fine Foods)
02:30 pm Anna Richards and Dr Maggie Ow (new research results)
03:15 pm Q & A - Medical Advisory Panel
03:30 pm Afternoon tea
03:45 pm Sylvia North
4.15 pm Closing remarks CNZ Chairperson
Unfortunately, public entry to the conference is SOLD OUT. However, if you would like to advertise at the conference there are still opportunities available.


Your partner in
healthy living

Coeliac New Zealand is available throughout your journey. As part of our community, you’ll get support, advice, and assistance. We work with health professionals, manufacturers, and researchers to raise awareness of coeliac disease in NZ.

Together, we can reach a day when every person with coeliac disease gets diagnosed quickly, lives a healthy life, and has the prospect of a cure.

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